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Hidden Startup Items

While looking into why my laptop was taking so long to startup windows, I noticed a program, GoogleUpdate.exe, running. I wasn’t too concerned because I use GoogleDesktop, but since I had disabled that at startup I started wondering why it was still there.

Checking the usual places, I fired up msconfig to see if it was listed anywhere and nothing. Looked in services.msc, nothing there either.

So after a quick search, I ran across this page which shows that GoogleUpdate.exe gets run as a scheduled task which runs at user login. This is also how Apple installs their product updater. This means that this is another way that software can be set to run at startup, even though it isn’t in any of the normal startup locations.

Reinstalling Windows

There’s nothing more annoying that re-installing windows. 88 updates from Microsoft plus all the other programs you need to get things back to the way you like them; firefox, winamp, divx player, anti-virus; not to mention all the plugins and finding all the product codes.

Well, at least it will be nice to have a fresh install without all the cruft that accumulates over time.

Now if only Media player would finish….